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My name is Karasshi, I am an artist working on mixed media. My birth name is Carla Sanchez, I was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1985. My work is rooted in the Japanese comics and culture, manga, pop, Kawai and it expands to spawn erotic nuances of love, technology and darkness. My native language is Spanish, I speak English fluently and Japanese semi fluently.

My formal education includes the following: 2011 San Francisco de Quito University; Undergraduate degree on Environmental Communication and a minor degree on Illustration and Sequential art 2015 Cardiff Metropolitan University; Graduate Degree: Master of Fine arts on printmaking and ceramics


  • “RITORNELLO” COMIC BOOK PUBLICATION CUENCA, ECUADOR 2019 collaborative comic, I was responsible as co-original creator, all illustration, concept and design. Published by the Editorial house inside the Culture office from the Cuenca municipality. 3000 printed
  • “TOWN’S BAND” BOOK PUBLICATION QUITO, ECUADOR 2018-2019 Comic based on a novel by “Jose de la Cuadra”, all the original concept, illustrations, and design was made by me. The publisher was “El conejo” editorial house for the National Reading Plan project for the Ministry of Education. >5000 were printed in the 2 editions
  • “IMMATURE PLEASURES” SOLO EXHIBITION QUITO, ECUADOR 2017 Solo Exhibition at Pentasiete art gallery
  • “THE FLOATING WORLD” SOLO EXHIBITION GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR 2017 Solo Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Anthropology
  • “THE FLOATING WORLD” DOUBLE EXHIBITION, QUITO, ECUADOR 2016 Double Exhibition at the City Museum
  • “BUDOKA, LOLITA AND PYGMALION” AIR AND EXHIBITION, AKIYOSHIDAI INTERNATIONAL ART VILLAGE, AKIYOSHIDAI, JAPAN 2015 I was selected as Artist in residency, taught a b ookbinding workshop to the local university undergraduate art students, taught a seminar to the local community about the research topic, created artwork in the location at the village for two months and exhibited the results on the gallery of the village.
  • AIR ON PRINTMAKING, SCREENPRINTING AND LITHOGRAPHY AT FRANS MASSERELL CENTRUM, BELGIUM 2015 I participated in the Artist in Residency program for lithography production. I also developed a personal project on screenptinting during my stay
  • SHIP FOR WORLD YOUTH, PARTICIPATING YOUTH, TOKYO, JAPAN 2010 I was selected to represent Ecuador in the Cabinet Office of Japan’s international culture exchange program “SWY”, to spend two months in a ship with youth from Japan and 12 countries doing cultural exchange while crossing the ocean


  • 2020 BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU White belt with less than one year of experience. White belt one stripe (2019) with Sensei Esteban Darquea, Cuenca, Ecuador.
  • 2019 KENDO Black belt with 14 years of experience. Ecuador National Champion on individuals for 3 years in a row, 8 times non consecutive on teams and individuals. In 2019 I was the first Ecuadorean, male or female, to reach a podium on individuals on the Latin American Championship with Bronze medal, 2 non consecutive times before with teams. I was also the only Ecuadorean, Male or female, to receive a Kantosho, fighting spirit prize, in a European championship (2014), Mumeishi 3s International, London
  • 2018 AIKIDO Black belt with 12 years of experience
  • 2017 TAE KWON DO Moodukwan, Yellow belt with 5 years of experience
  • 2011 JODO 8 years of experience
  • 2010 KARATE DO Shotokan, green belt wth 3 years of experience
  • 2009 IAIDO 3 years of experience

Telf: 786 438 7531 Email: BROKENBONEZ6664@GMAIL.COM Website: BROKENBONEZ.NET

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